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How to Apply for Microsoft Research Fellowship 2023

Microsoft Research Fellowship is a support program for students who are studying at universities around the world and doing research that matches what Microsoft Research is interested in. Microsoft Research is made up of professionals who engage in the exploration and innovation of technology-related advancements.

If you’re pursuing a Doctorate (PhD); which is a really advanced level of academic pursuit, and your research is in line with what Microsoft Research is working on, you are eligible to submit applications for this fellowship opportunity.

Microsoft Research Fellowship is available in different parts of the world, like Asia-Pacific, Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

But if you’re applying from Africa, the fellowship is exclusively designated for students enrolled at universities within Africa. It’s kind of like Microsoft’s way of supporting scholars who display fervor for knowledge acquisition and innovative exploration.

Microsoft Research Fellowship 2023

Eligibility criteria for Microsoft Research Fellowship

  • Be a PhD student enrolled at a university in Africa.
  • Be in your second year or beyond of your PhD program.
  • Propose research that is closely related to one of the themes at Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI):
    • AI/ML/NLP/data science
    • Health
    • Sustainability
    • Human-computer interaction
  • Be able to communicate about your research in English, both in writing and verbally.
  • Fellowships cannot be extended beyond the allocated period.
  • Accommodations for family or medical leaves can be arranged.
  • The award will be disbursed directly to the university as per its policies. If the student becomes ineligible for funding (e.g., graduates, transfers, unenrolls), Microsoft will decide how any remaining funds will be used.
  • The funding is intended solely for the recipient’s duration in the PhD program and cannot be applied to postgraduate roles like postdoctoral or faculty positions.
  • Interested applicants must confirm their PhD program’s start and expected graduation month and year.
  • Fellows must uphold high standards of conduct. Disciplinary actions for inappropriate behavior, including discrimination, harassment, and plagiarism, will result in forfeiture of the fellowship

Application Requirements for Microsoft Research Fellowship

You will need to provide the following information and documents as part of your application for the Microsoft Research Fellowship:

  1. Personal Information:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Country of Residence
  • University Name
  • Department
  1. Research Focus: Select Primary Area of Research from these options; AI/ML/NLP/Data Science, Health, Sustainability and Human-Computer Interaction.
  2. Title of your Thesis Proposal or Research Statement
  3. PhD Program Details:
  • Month and Year you entered the PhD program
  • Expected Graduation Date
  1. URL to your Professional Website (Optional)
  2. A list of academic conferences you are most likely to attend
  3. Statement of Good Standing
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  5. Thesis Proposal or Research Statement
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. Contact information (name, affiliation, email) for your recommenders.

The application process for the Microsoft Research Fellowship 2023 varies by region. For specific instructions on how to apply in your region, please visit the official website.

Microsoft Research Fellowship has announced that they are making changes to their PhD Fellowship program and will not be accepting proposals for the 2023 calendar year. They are exploring new ways to invest in academic partnerships and bring together students and researchers to collaborate, share knowledge, and pursue new research directions. The new program is still being developed and details will be announced in October 2023.

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